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martes, diciembre 04, 2007

New Trends in Education

From Europe many revolutionary currents have arrived, from the proposal of the unification of the money (EURO), the Open Access that opened the access to the investigation of the world. Now another contribution, known as teaching based on the competences or formation based on competences. The key words are: "Knows", The "how to make" and the "how to be" - Knowledge, procedure and attitude, three pillars for the formation of integral people, tendency that together with "transferable credits system" it conforms the "Europe tuning educational". New tendencies, for a changing world, where the student makes his cultural capital. However, the teaching method doesn't serve if the student doesn't have the conscience of what is his role in him. The student will be culturally prepared?... Do I remember that once some person told me, that to be able to learn, first you should know how to listen...